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ThinkUp offers you a simple way to build a positive mindset. All you should do is to SELECT your affirmations, RECORD them in your voice, ADD your favorite music and LISTEN to it on daily basis.


ThinkUp speaks to you! in your voice, your affirmations, your music, your photos, JUST FOR YOU!


Using your own voice which your brain understands the most and choosing your favorite music which engages the emotional part of the brain, makes the ThinkUp app so effective for YOU!


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Terri Levine
Terri Levine

PhD, Business Mentoring Expert at Heart-repreneur Comprehensive Coaching U, Inc.

Dr. Terri Levine is a best-selling author with more than 30 years of sales & marketing experience. She is working with over 5,000 business owners. "Forming a new habit takes time. Being a success in business takes outer actions and inside thoughts. Therefore I recommend ThinkUp app. ThinkUp gives you a daily routine that allows you to create a habit. Also, creates shifts in your inner thoughts.  This is a powerful way to connect to your higher self and open your gifts of intuition.  To summarise, ThinkUp will help you emotionally connect with your goals and create new habits and ways of being." less 

Aryana  Rollins
Aryana Rollins

BA, BS, Certified Cybernetic Transposition Trainer

Aryana Rollins is one of the top 50 life coaches in the world. "We have all had experiences in life that were painful.  These memories can create a fear that it might happen again.  Fears are negative beliefs. ThinkUp gives you an opportunity to start releasing some of the negative instructions and provide a more positive outlook which can lead to more positive behaviors. "


Cheri Huber
Cheri Huber

Zen teacher for over 35 years, author of 20 books, Zen Centers founder

Cheri Huber is one of the top life coaches in the world. "This program helps people change their self-talk to positive". Cheri Huber works with "recording and listening" methods for over 20 years. Therefore she believes it can enhance anyone's lives. "It is highly recommended."

Hal Elrod
Hal Elrod

Bestselling author of "THE MIRACLE MORNING" book

Hal Elrod talks about ways to enhance lives :"Your self-talk has a dramatic influence on your level of success in every aspect of your life. It affects your confidence, health, happiness, wealth, relationships, etc. Your affirmations are either working for or against you, depending on how you are using them. Therefore, if you don’t consciously design and choose your affirmations you are sabotaging your success.  Repeating and reliving the fears, insecurities, and limitations of your past , you bring yourself to mediocrity.

However, when you actively design and write out your affirmations to be in alignment with what you want to accomplish and who you need to be to accomplish, they immediately make an impression on your subconscious mind. Your affirmations go to work to transform the way you think and feel so you can overcome your limiting beliefs. By thinking differently, changing behaviors and replace them with those you need to succeed you design a new you. I hope my sample affirmations in ThinkUP can add some value to your life. Please feel free to reach out to me if there is anything I can do to add value at http://halelrod.com/contact/ "



Joel Osteen
Joel Osteen

An American preacher at Lakewood Church and Televangelist.

Joel Osteen is the Senior Pastor of Lakewood Church, the largest Protestant church in the United States, in Houston, Texas. Osteen's televised sermons are seen by over 20 million monthly in over 100 countries. "There’s no greater feeling than being able to help people rise higher and overcome something and feel better about themselves. I think that we’re all made to help others and to lift people up. Therefore I recommend on ThinkUp. ThinkUp app can help you overcome negativity, uplift your spirit and help you feel better". less

Sheryl Kline
Sheryl Kline

MA in Sport Psychology, Mental Toughness Coach

Sheryl Kline specializes in Mental Toughness Training for teen athletes. "My focus is on athletes 14-18 mainly because this is an important age range for athletics. The Athletics have a great potential for growth in this age.
I use ThinkUp myself, and I use it with my clients, so I know it works and how powerful it is. A few minutes a day can make the difference between a champion results and stagnant frustration. Here's what a 14-year-old client had to say, "It was important to me to run a 12:30 for the two-mile run for try-outs, but I wasn't sure I could. After listening to my affirmations, I knew it was possible, and I did it!".  less

Caity Hunt
Caity Hunt

Faith Based Business & Wellness Coach

Caity Hunt is a business and wellness coach for over 20 years. "I too am a big believer in speaking words of empowerment over yourself. No matter what levels of success you have reached, in order to grow, you must speak life into everything you do. I came across ThinkUp during a time that was challenging.
I had just experienced my third miscarriage, I was 30 pounds overweight, and I was stuck in my own business. 

Being a coach myself,  instantly went to work on my own mindset.  And although there was a combination of things I did to overcome my challenges, ThinkUp played an important role in getting my head back in the game. Within about 3 months, I not only came out of the grieving I was experiencing, I went on to lose the 30 pounds and my husband and I benefited from a huge real estate transaction in business.

So I don't know where you are in your life, but I highly recommend downloading ThinkUp
and getting your mind focused on attaining the goals you desire."Caity Hunt


Yvonne Williams Casaus
Yvonne Williams Casaus

Author, Counselor & Play Therapist

"I am honored to be part of this amazing app". As a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Yvonne Williams Casaus always recommends positive affirmations. "The Think Up app is not only powerful but simple to use. I will be recommending this app to all my clients, friends and family. Using your own voice is the key to significant change. It is easy to set reminders and get daily motivation for significant results. more... Replacing your old negative beliefs with these positive affirmations will improve your life for the better. There are so many categories to choose from; from overcoming Depression and Anxiety to Abundance and Weight Loss Motivation. You will love this app!" Yvonne Williams Casausless

Michelle Kirsch
Michelle Kirsch

Transformational Coach

Michelle Kirsch came across ThinkUp tool and thinks thinkup has made using affirmations so much easier. A friend introduced me to the Think Up app and I loved it right from the start. Not only is it a way to bring affirmations into your everyday life, but you get to record your own affirmations or ones that are provided, in your own voice! This is taking affirmations to a whole new level! more...I have been using the Think Up app almost every day. It’s super easy because it will remind you on your phone to use it. Once you set it up and record your affirmations, all you have to do is listen. I prefer to listen to ThinkUp meditation at night, just before bed, but you could totally listen in the morning as part of your morning routine too. less

John St. John
John St. John

Life and Leadership Coach with Changing-Paths, Inc.

John St. John used ThinkUp almost daily because he realized the impact of negative, destructive, and/or limited thinking had on his life. "After a messy divorce, separation from my children, and near financial ruin, I realized my negative self-talk, blaming others, and lack of self-confidence was the real culprit in my life. It was negative words and thoughts instilled since childhood. I needed to change and fast. First, the written and spoken word are immensely powerful. Nations are born, planets are named, and stars are described in the sky WITH WORDS. ThinkUp will help you harness the power of words to overcome many challenges, build positive beliefs, and achieve great success beyond your wildest dreams."

Mary Remon
Mary Remon

Licensed Psychotherapist,Certified Life Coach

"As a therapist and life coach, I’m very picky about self-help apps. ThinkUp is by far my favorite. It has enhanced my own well-being, and I use it to help my clients. Together we create personalized affirmations that help them make progress between sessions. There is nothing more powerful than hearing positive messages in your own voice set to your favorite music, especially when you do not have the energy to tell them to yourself. This is what makes the app more effective than positive self-talk alone. Affirmations have been around for hundreds of years, but advances in technology now allow us to amplify their power. When combined life coaching and personal accountability, these personalized affirmations can be life-altering. Set yourself up for success with ThinkUp."Mery RemonThinkUp

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This is a personalized coaching plan for our Premium users!
The questions below will help us build you a personalized coaching program that is completely dedicated to your needs, goals and personality. All you need to do is answer as accurate and quickly as you can and we will send you a weekly program at no cost!
Thousands have improved their lives through our program and we want to spread happiness this holiday season. So make this New Year the new happy you and share with teachers, coaches, friends and family and spread the love!


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