How to increase your life satisfaction.


All we want in life is to find satisfaction. We are raised to believe that more money, a better job or finding true love is the secret to leading a more satisfied life. But the answer isn’t found in material objects or other people, but rather within ourselves, who we are, and what we do.

Satisfaction is skill that needs to be developed by practicing, like our other muscles or skills we may have. In order to find satisfaction you need to develop gratitude and gratefulness as a skill. If you are complain all the time you eventually only focus on your issue, which decreases your energy level, and will only continue to make your problem continue to grow.  

If you would like to stop the process of being unsatisfied, you need to start finding positive things in everything you do. You must learn how to focus on the good things and practice that skill daily.

Let me share a private story of mine with you.

While I was in my 20’s I received my degree, and  started to work in a high tech company as an engineer. I earned a lot of money, especially for a newly graduated student, had a boyfriend that I loved, and had a nice job. But my soul felt that something was imprecise and still missing in my life.

Then, for the first time of my life, I felt that something was “wrong” with me.

“How could it be that I have everything I have ever wanted and yet still feel miserable”?

”How could it be that all of creation stands for me yet I am still complaining?

This job probably wasn’t my purpose or one of my strengths but 20 years later I look at things a bit differently. You need to find the happiness inside of yourself. The outside circumstances never make you happy if you are not trained to be happy. We all find reasons to be unhappy but if you want to enjoy life you need to focus your mind on the things make you feel uplifted, stronger,and empowered you.

Life doesn’t need to be perfect.

I thought about a great exercise to help practice gratitude and the skill of being happy.

  • Download the thinkUp app from the app Store.
  • Write down 10 things that you grateful for .
  • Choose music that you like.
  • Listen to your personalized meditation for one month while going to sleep.
  • listen for one month for 20 minutes a day.

Please keep practicing and write in the comments below what it does for you.

You don’t need to memorize or put any extra effort into this. 

After one month your satisfaction skills will be much developed and you will be able to look at things a bit differently.

This exercise has helped out so many people that wanted to help themselves, so why wouldn’t it work for you? You are worth the effort.


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