How to talk to yourself (and why it matters) Mary Remon

When I was five, my dad lost his job and began the long process of building his own business. Times were hard for a while. Years later, I asked him how he had lived through that difficult period. He replied, “I kept telling myself, ‘I’m good at this. I’ll show clients how good I am.’” Keep Reading ..

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An App that makes you feel better

As a CEO of ThinkUp, a leading app for developing a positive mindset, I have come across many exciting success stories. For instance, I heard that ThinkUp has helped with symptoms of depression, changing people’s self-talk, and reducing anxiety symptoms. Following a conversation with a woman who is taking care of her dying husband, I Keep Reading ..


How to use the ThinkUp app – best practice tips

All of us have been there! We have done a lot of negative self-talk, which has stopped us from achieving goals or becoming the person we want to be. Our thoughts and mindset have a huge impact on health, happiness, motivation, and success. It is important to overcome this negativity. An effective way to stop Keep Reading ..


Affirmations (in addition to treatment) can reduce the symptoms of depression-Joseph S. Fusaro

I struggled most of my life with mental illness. When I was younger I had some depression and ADHD. When I got to college I was officially diagnosed with depression, ADHD, and severe anxiety. This would last into my early 20’s. I was prescribed several medications, some of which were controlled substances. It didn’t take Keep Reading ..


Soup of Happiness

What is happiness? Can happiness be measured? What or who controls our happiness? Is it possible to be in a state of everlasting happiness? Have you ever thought about the answers to these questions? Do you sometimes sit and think about happiness and the sources that bring it into your life? Happiness is a state Keep Reading ..


How to increase your life satisfaction.

  All we want in life is to find satisfaction. We are raised to believe that more money, a better job or finding true love is the secret to leading a more satisfied life. But the answer isn’t found in material objects or other people, but rather within ourselves, who we are, and what we Keep Reading ..

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How to find Purpose and Uniqueness?

Since I was twenty I have always wanted to retire and practice meditation.I went to six long retreats as well as followed monks and gurus all over the world. I traveled to Thailand with my mother, slept on the floor, ate only rice, and was completely silent for ten days. I did this six times. Keep Reading ..

5 Ways To Cure Sleeping Problems

5 Ways To Cure Sleeping Problems

  In this busy world, sleep problems have become a common phenomenon.According to studies done at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, over 40 million struggle with insomnia or sleeping issues. A lack of sleep is directly connected to a person’s ability to be productive throughout the day. Sleep is important because it Keep Reading ..


6 Ways to Increase Your Self-Esteem

  Do you suffer from low self esteem? If you are prone to harsh self-judgements or negative self talk , you may be holding yourself back from happiness and opportunities. The unspoken words inside of our heads , the ones that make up our unending internal string of private thoughts, emotions and attitudes shape how Keep Reading ..