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How to find Purpose and Uniqueness?

Since I was twenty I have always wanted to retire and practice meditation.I went to six long retreats as well as followed monks and gurus all over the world. I traveled to Thailand with my mother, slept on the floor, ate only rice, and was completely silent for ten days. I did this six times. I would sit on the floor and meditate for almost seventeen hours a day. This meditation helped me find a way to make myself feel better, alive, change my thinking patterns, and feel more powerful, as if I could do anything.

My uniqueness has come from all of these experiences. My passion is to help people find their uniqueness and be their best self. To help people change their thinking pattern to a winning one.

Everyone has a unique gift, something that makes them feel happy, alive, and special. It is fueled by one’s deepest passions, and developed through a never ending feeling of purpose.

You don’t compete with anyone over this gift, as it is as unique and individualized as you are. If you don’t believe that you have a gift, or don’t recognize it ,even when it stares you right in the face , this blog is for you.

Uniqueness is about being your best, and allowing yourself to feel excited and alive. In this state, you can do anything without limitations. Finding your uniqueness is like being in love with yourself and the life you live.

In order to find it, you should explore yourself and discover what excites you, what you fear the most, and what you will need to release or let go of in order for you to be your best self.

The first step is to understand that you are special just the way you are.You don’t need to copy or compare yourself to anyone else. Everyone has their own unique journey.  

Focus on your strengths and gifts: a combination of what you’re good at and the journey you are on. Your gift can be anything from your loyalty, organization skills, sense of humor, your esthetic skills, to even the way you see the world. It can be any skill that you combine with your knowledge from life.

Try to forget your fears. Leave them behind and don’t let them get the best of you. Allow yourself to think in another way, and to have the courage to admit that you are as unique and wonderful as you really are.

Think back to when you were younger. Think back to times when you weren’t influenced by fears or doubt. What did you do or want to do? How did you spend your days? What was most enjoyable for you?

If you want to be truly successful invest in yourself to get the knowledge you need to find your unique factor. When you find it and focus on it and persevere it your success will blossom.”Sydney Madwed

Think about the last time you lost track of time. Were there activities that you found so interesting that you didn’t think about time, eating, or sleeping? Moments of lost time point towards areas of strong interest and deep passions.

You also need to understand that failures are lessons that rewire your brain. With every failure you continue to improve and learn new skills. Like a baby taking its first steps, you must be ready to learn by possibly failing and falling. Things aren’t always going to go your way, no matter how great you are. Sometimes we need a good wakeup call to keep us going. Sometimes, we need the pain of failure in order to correct, improve, and change ourselves.

You don’t have to change your entire life for a successful mindset. You don’t have to make huge changes like quitting your job, or moving. All you need is to find your uniqueness and focus on it. When the time is right you will know what to do with your gift.

I think I found my uniqueness. It took me forty years, but it combines all of the things that I love and are good at.

My partner and I developed a method and tool that change our thoughts to be positive ones.

By changing our thoughts and beliefs, we can change our world! We can be our very best and use our minds effectively!

Many people might be afraid to make changes in the way they think, I was afraid too, but for the ones that are willing to take the risk, have the time, and have the desire to succeed, then I have developed a great method for you to change your life.

I don’t promise that it will work for everyone in the same way, but if you continue, practice, focus on the processes, not the result, and have the guts to get to know yourself better, my tool ,ThinkUp ,can help you to become the best version of yourself.

When you are willing to embrace the journey, the challenge, and reward that come with it, you will find your uniqueness.