Soup of Happiness

What is happiness?
Can happiness be measured?
What or who controls our happiness?
Is it possible to be in a state of everlasting happiness?

Have you ever thought about the answers to these questions? Do you sometimes sit and think about happiness and the sources that bring it into your life?

Happiness is a state of mind; it’s a practice, a concept and something that is beyond measure. There are things and people that make us happy but true happiness can only enter our life when we allow it too. Yes, happiness can be controlled and the only person who can control your happiness, is you! The problem is that most people believe it’s things and other people that are responsible for our happiness. When you bring in a paradigm shift towards your understanding of happiness and realize that nothing and no one can give you happiness, except you, yourself, you will be in a forever state of happiness.

Let’s look at this way- happiness is a delectable soup that requires 7 unique ingredients. If you want to perfectly cook happiness and make everyday full of flavor and aroma, you need to bring in these 7 ingredients. While every ingredient in itself is capable of achieving happiness, a combination off all 7 is the perfect mix!

Are you ready to cook up some happiness? Here are the 7 ingredients you will require…

Ingredient 1
Look at the fraction as a whole -Embrace what you have
Take it as an 80-20 formula! When something gives you 80% joy and 20% disappointment or unhappiness, focus on the 80% and look at it like it 100%. For example, when you have a baby 80% happiness comes in the form of love and 20% comes in the form of sleepless nights! Expect only to 80% from any situation.Change the way you think and train yourself to love the unperfect. Every time you want life to be perfect change your perspective and except the 80% as it 100%. An expecting perfect situation will bring only suffer and disappointments. Train yourself to look at the imperfect situation as a perfect one.
Believing ‘The grass is greener on the other side’ is what kills happiness! Stop looking over the fence and look within! Every life experience brings in a great number of positives and happiness and as soon as we start focusing on that, the minor downs and lows of life will seem insignificant.

Ingredient 2
Practice Positivity
Happiness comes by practice. When you consciously allow the positive thoughts to take over the negative and make a choice to only allow happiness in your life, you will receive it! Every moment gives us a chance to be positive or negative- choose the positive and bring in true happiness.

Ingredient 3
Make a Difference!
There are so many people around us who need help. Donating money for a cause or volunteering to help those in need brings in a sense of satisfaction and happiness that is unmatched to happiness received by material things.

Ingredient 4
Learn and Grow Everyday
Never stop learning and never stop growing as an individual. Allow new things and experiences to open up your mind to newer possibilities. Create yourself everyday and do something you may have never done or even thought off. Never stop expanding your horizons.

Ingredient 5
Make Someone’s day, everyday!
Every day of life is a new challenge and a new opportunity to help someone or make someone’s day. Reach out to anyone around you who may need your help. Be open and approachable and be someone that people seek when in need.

Ingredient 6
Bring out the Child within!
All of us have a little child inside who is waiting to be let out! Play, sing, dance, run, laugh, love, paint, create… do everything the child in you wants to do. Don’t stop the child from being a child. Be a child and embrace the child within you.

Ingredient 7
Reflect and Introspect
Sometimes are happiness gets hidden or buried under other emotions. Take out time to just relax, reflect and introspect about life. Talk to yourself and slowly unburden the mind until happiness finds its way to the top. Remove everything that is hiding happiness and make it shine and radiate it through all your senses.

These are the 7 unique ingredients that guarantee true happiness in life! Cook it up and nourish your mind and body every day. It’s delicious, addictive and something you don’t want to miss! Happiness is in every corner, waiting to be found and embraced… don’t ignore it! Seek happiness in everything you do, allow your inner happiness to be the main element in your life and you will never stop being happy. Do you want to be happy? Yes, of course! SO BE!

Happiness already exists within you; all you have to do is find it! Be positive, think positive and allow only positivity to rule your life. You are in charge of how you feel and if you decide to feel happy, nothing can stop you!