How to use the ThinkUp app – best practice tips

All of us have been there! We have done a lot of negative self-talk, which has stopped us from achieving goals or becoming the person we want to be. Our thoughts and mindset have a huge impact on health, happiness, motivation, and success. It is important to overcome this negativity. An effective way to stop negativity is through affirmations and positive self-talk. Saying positive things to yourself can definitely change the way you think and to rewire your brain. By continuously practicing positive self-talk you can gradually overcome negativity and improve many aspects of your life. Download and try ThinkUp, the most popular app for positivity and enjoy the life changing impact of a positive mindset.

ThinkUp helps you develop and maintain a positive mindset that is necessary to succeed in life. By using ThinkUp, you can create personal positive affirmations in your own voice and listen every day with your favorite music.

ThinkUp will help you in reducing stress, achieving goals and becoming a happier person. Here are some effective ways to use the ThinkUp app to get results.

  • Select affirmations from the Gratitude and Recommended categories and add it to your daily affirmations loop

Select at least ten affirmations, from which a few should be from the Gratitude Category and the rest from a category that best suits your goals. When you are selecting your Gratitude affirmations, you will be focusing your mind on the things you already have, which will make you feel happier and more satisfied with your life. When you are adding the affirmations from other categories such as Self-esteem or Love and Relationship, you are developing the positive attitude for that thing in your life. This will help you to overcome negativities and challenges.

  • Record the affirmations in a very confident way and mean it!

Select the affirmations or write your own and practice it aloud several times before recording them. This will help you record them in a more confident voice. Try to record the affirmations on a “good day”, because your brain remembers the time you recorded it, so it will encourage and uplift you automatically. Use the power of your brain wisely. You can also add the music in the background and listen to the recorded affirmations in the morning or before sleep. When dealing with a stressful situation, your positive affirmations sessions will help you get out of the situation faster.

  • Follow the process

For success, follow the process! Listen to your recorded positive affirmations regularly at least 15 minutes a day before going to bed or after waking up in the morning and try to visualize it. It can be also when you’re cleaning the house or folding the laundry. It can be in the background while working or walking, as long as you listen to your affirmations every day. Also, keep in mind that the affirmations have to be in present tense and if you find that one of your affirmations is creating tension or making you nervous, just revise them. Follow this simple process of repetition, listening again and again, every day and successfull results will follow.

  • Listen to the same set of affirmations for at least 30 days

Make a habit of listening to the affirmations like sleeping and eating. When you listen to the same set of affirmations for the 30 days it will rewire your brain and make a huge difference in your life. After 30 days you can choose other affirmations that uplift your spirit and encourage you.

So use ThinkUp and make a difference in your life!



6 Ways to Increase Your Self-Esteem



Do you suffer from low self esteem? If you are prone to harsh self-judgements or negative self talk , you may be holding yourself back from happiness and opportunities. The unspoken words inside of our heads , the ones that make up our unending internal string of private thoughts, emotions and attitudes shape how we think about everything around us.

When those words are negative, they are embedded deep within our brains and make our experience harder.

Here are 7 ways I found most efficient to help you improve your self talk to positive and help you change the way you see the world.

Change your self talk to positive

One of the best ways to boost your self esteem is through starting the day with a positive affirmations. Simple “I am” statements can have so much power. Think about what is decreasing your self esteem, and create an affirmation to counter it. Repeat your affirmations throughout the day, and you will eliminate self-limiting dialogue.


One way to reprogram your mind for positivity is by using the ThinkUp app. ThinkUp is a self-help app which enables you to develop a healthier mindset. This app allows you to record your voice reading affirmations. With the recordings and relaxing music of your choice, you can use this app to create a personal meditation that inspires you. Your brain trusts and understands your voice more than anyone else’s. Try out the free version of this helpful tool, and embrace your inner strength.

Recognize Your Uniqueness

There is no one on this planet like you. Consider what are your strengths. Maybe you are creative, or your work ethic is driven by your powerful story. Do you have a strong passion for something? Is there something that you do so well that other people can’t help but take notice? Own that uniqueness, and use it to look at the world in a new way.

Reward Yourself

When something goes well because of your actions, treat yourself. Often we don’t take the time to give ourselves a pat on the back. A reward doesn’t have to be lavish, but by appreciating yourself, you are establishing a practice of self-love.

If someone notices your work and offers a compliment, accept it. You have won their esteem, and they recognize your value. Know that you have done something well, and use that to boost your sense of self.

Read Inspirational Books or movies

Reading the inspiring stories of others can motivate a shift in your mindset. If you need help owning your greatness, read books or see inspirational movies. I personally like to her inspirational lectures on youTube while I am exercising . Through hearing about the struggles that others have overcome, you may find strength. Choose a sentence or phrase from an inspirational work, and create a meditation around it.

Find Positive Friends

The people with whom we share our space can impact how we feel about ourselves. Seek the people that accept you for who you are. These positive people will encourage you to let your light shine, and they will reflect back the light that you put forth.

Work on the self will improve your quality of life. You will notice that new opportunities arise as you learn to love and accept yourself.