ThinkUp Affiliate Program

The power to help people and influence their lives TOGETHER
Dear Affiliate member,

ThinkUp Is an innovative platform for Positive Mindset and Motivation through Daily Affirmations. ThinkUp is an app that is using a unique combination of personalized affirmations, recorded in user’s own voice and combined with their favorite music. This combination is proven to make a much bigger impact on the brain and the users see much faster results.  You can check out our video HERE or Appstore.

Here’s how we add value to your audience

At ThinkUp we believe you know your audience best, therefore we are providing you with a way to add your own recommended affirmations so they can choose to follow. This is also a way for our other thousands daily users to see your affirmations together with your photo , title and follow you on social.

ThinkUp plans for our users
  1. The free version - allows picking only 4 affirmations and a default music. Really only gives a taste of what ThinkUp can do
  2. Subscription - opens up the platform for a full-featured month: all affirmations and any music you wish to use $3.99
  3. For one year with one time payment - $9.99
  4. For Life with one time payment - $14.99
Note: We may change prices at any time without notice.
Obviously we want to have users experience ThinkUp full potential which means at least 15-20  affirmations and the music of their choice using it while going to sleep.
Here’s how it goes:
  1. We will ask you to fill up a form so we get to know you a little better. Click here or in the bottom of this document

  2. We give you a specific link to the app store that is only yours.You spread the word to your users and followers about ThinkUp (You can use our description at the top of this document or reach out if you need our help and graphics). Make sure to use your specific link. As you get people to download and upgrade to paid programs you will also see how thankful your followers will be for changing their lives.

If you like to discuss buying upfront a bulk of ThinkUp licenses or creating ThinkUp challenges within your organizations contact us (

Every time a user pays for the app after using your link - we give you 40% of the revenue (from what’s left after we pay Apple’s fees).
The commission structure:

Getting paid: Commissions are paid monthly on the fifteenth of each month via check or PayPal. Usually it takes a month for Apple to provide us with user-payment details so we will be able to provide the check only after these details are shared with us. To ensure continuous collaboration please provide your W9 as soon as possible. If you don't have one, obtaining a W9 is a very easy procedure (For W9 click HERE)

Sales Tracking: We use Apple’s App store statistics for our affiliate program. We will share the exact numbers as they are coming from Apple.

If you agree with the above, please fill the form to become part of our affiliate program

Looking forward to working closely together to bring happiness to people. ThinkUp!