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Chemo Cap

Chemotherapy is a treatment that has helped thousands of patients. It helps to cure various types of this disease effectively. However, it is a highly invasive process for the body, and the side effects are inevitable.

Not all people are affected in the same way; it usually depends on the used medications, the doses and how long it lasts. Here also influence the type of cancer, its location, and the general health of the patient.

The side effects occur because the procedure attacks living cells. The chemicals that enter the body do not distinguish between healthy and cancerous ones. Within the cells that are involved may be those of the mouth, digestive system, and hair follicles. If you or a family member experiences this situation, it is essential that you know the most relevant ones.

Take in mind that different drugs cause different side effects. Each body is diverse, and the reactions vary. It is vital that you notify your doctor immediately of each of the symptoms you may experience to know the best actions to apply.

Main Side Effects of Chemotherapy

  • Fatigue: The feeling of tiredness all the time, is one of the most frequent effects. Your quality of life will be compromised with low moods. It can affect your interpersonal relationships and your work performance too. The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) always recommends evaluating fatigue during chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  • Pain: This happens occasionally. Depending on the case the affected zones may be the head, stomach, muscle, and other areas having burning and shooting pains. To alleviate is common the use of painkillers. You should consult with your oncologist (Do not self-medicate in any case).
  • Hair loss or alopecia: That can be partial or total, and occur in other areas such as eyebrows. From the aesthetic point of view, especially women resort to the use of a chemo cap, cancer hats, berets, and turbans, as the beautiful designs of Hats for You.
  • Damage to the scalp: If the area runs out of hair, scales or dryness may appear. For this you can resort to massage, rubbing and the use of refreshing elements that help to cool the area. It is also recommended to use sunscreen with a PF of 30 or higher. In the winter seasons, use accessories that prevent the loss of body heat.
  • Ulcers in the mouth: The chemotherapy can damage some cells of the mouth. You must ensure a healthy diet and keep the area clean to avoid infections.
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation: Depending on the type of drug, one or the other may appear. You must maintain adequate hydration, also, to prefer foods rich in fiber to help with these diseases.

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Chemo Cap

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