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Success starts from within. Happy, energized, and motivated employees are an asset to any company.
ThinkUp Corporate Training will help your employees reach their full potential, perform better, and achieve more. We focus both on results, and the personal journey to achieve them.ThinkUp Corporate Training is a unique and life-changing experience for the employee, the team, and for the company.
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The training is based on three core principles:

1. Innovation:

As the creators of the most popular iOS and Android motivation and positive mindset apps that literally have been changing lives, we offer a practical approach. The participants will learn what holds them back and how they can reach their full potential. With our app, they will be able to change their mindsets and create a lasting impact way beyond the scope of the training.

2. Science:

Positive self-talk is one of the most basic and successful tools many leading personal development professionals and business coaches use. Positive self-talk can transform mindsets, overcome challenges, and enhance performance. Our mindsets have a huge impact on performance and motivation, and yet for many organizations, this training would be the first of its kind. Accordingly, the results can be mind-blowing!

3. Personalization:

Using our backend technology, we can personalize the training for each employee, and get the best possible results and a lasting impact.
ThinkUp Corporate Training includes an introduction to the positive self-talk technique and practical sessions on incorporating it. Optional: one-on-one personal coaching sessions to determine limiting beliefs, motivational gift, elite performance group sessions for management teams.





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