Motivation App

Choosing A Good Motivation App

There are numerous motivation apps available but each motivation app is unique because they work differently. When choosing a motivation app, you should look out for the outlined features.

1) Ability to record your voice

A good motivation app should allow you to record and play your voice. This feature is very important. In fact, it is the feature that makes an app a motivation app. With it, you will be able to record your affirmations in your voice and play it to yourself over and over again.

Nothing motivates people more than their affirmations. Hearing your affirmations will motivate you towards your goal and hearing it in your own voice will even motivate you further. So, you should select an app that has a voice recording feature.

2) Customized coaching plan

A good app should offer you a unique coaching plan that will guide you towards achieving your aims. It has to be unique or customized because people have different goals and may decide to use the app for those various goals.

So, a good app should seek your plan through its interactive mode and use your response to develop a coaching plan for you. You will need to follow the plan religiously to achieve optimum results.

3) It should be free

There are too many free apps on the web for anybody to pay for any app. So, you should go for a free app. However, the app may have a premium version that offers certain features that are not available in its free version. It is now up to you to upgrade your free version to premium version if you like the app.

4) Compatibility with all operating systems

A good app should have a version that supports Android and the one that supports iOS since both of them are the two major operating systems for mobile devices.

5) Low requirement

Although the latest Android operating system is Android 8 Oreo, there are people that are still on operating systems that are as low as Android 4 Kitkat. However, a good app should offer low requirement so that a lot of Android users are not cut off. However, if you are using an Apple device, you may not really need to bother about this.

6) Compactness

Consider the size too. People now use their storage space judiciously so good apps are usually small in size. The smaller the app, the better for you. Remember, a large app will not only consume a large storage space, it will also consume a large amount of mobile data while downloading it.

Besides, with a large app, you may need to download a couple of existing apps to create space for it. Instead of doing that, you may need to look for a smaller app that does not require deleting any of your existing apps.

7) It should also work offline

It is also important to choose an app that does not need internet every time you want to use it. You are better off with a motivation app that works offline. This will save your mobile data.

To conclude, you may not find a single app that meets all the requirements listed above. However, you can prioritize them without compromising the first three.