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The ThinkUp app is the most advanced tool to re-program your brain and can help you change your life

While using this tool you record your affirmations and add your favorite music.

I recommend writing the affirmations in the present tense, attaching it to your identity and infusing it with emotions using this template “I am ____ and I feel x and y”.

An example would be “I am immaculate and my work ethic is world-class. I feel so excellent and proud.” When you hear these affirmations in your own voice, be sure to take a moment to vividly visualize them (try to use all of your modalities – visual, auditory, kinesthetic, smell and taste) and feel it real now. The more often you do this and the more emotion you add to it, the quicker it will reprogram your identity; your perception of self stored in your unconscious mind that’s responsible for 95% of your thoughts, actions, and feelings, therefore your results in life. This is one of the most potent tools I recommend.

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