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    Caity Hunt

    Faith Based Business & Wellness Coach

    Being a business and wellness coach for over 20 years, I too am a big believer in speaking words of empowerment over yourself.  No matter what levels of success you have reached, in order to grow, you must speak life into everything you do. I came across ThinkUp during a time that was challenging. more...

    I had just experienced my third miscarriage, I was 30 pounds overweight, and I was stuck in my own
    business.  Being a wellness coach myself...I instantly went to work on my own mindset.  And although there was a  combination of things I did to overcome my challenges, Think Up played an important role in getting my head back in the game.
     Within about 3 months, I not only came out of the grieving I was experiencing,
    I went on to lose the 30 pounds and my husband and I benefited from a huge real estate transaction in business.
    So I don't know where you are in your life, but I highly recommend downloading ThinkUp
    and getting your mind focused on attaining the goals you desire.

    I made a short video:" less.


    Vicki L. Baker

    Certified Professional Coach

    You do not know what a blessing this app has been for me personally. I just want to take a moment and be completely transparent before you today. I am 4’11’’ and well over 200 pounds. more...

    I have been inconsistent with exercise and clean eating. I’m considered obese and I have come to a point that I MUST take control over the health of my body. Weight loss motivation was my solution.

    As a Certified Life Coach, I’ve been able to manifest money and business opportunities, with great success, by operating with universal laws. So I decided to take those same “Mind over Matter” principles to develop a course for those, like myself, who may be inconsistent and/or struggling with either weight loss motivation, lack of exercise or just maintaining.

    I use ThinkUp in the morning and at night; I’ve recorded all of the health affirmations. When I wake up, my whole mindset about food is changed. It’s not a struggle to say no to the food that is not going to benefit me.

    Since using your app, I enrolled at a gym, something that I was very excited about. I never thought I would be excited about this journey to release this weight.

    Vicki l. B. less.


    Ria M

    Happy User

    My most success with affirmations for health was having sustained a very nasty injury, a few years ago, I was in terrible pain 24/7, it affected my balance, and I experience extreme vertigo even turning over in bed, more...

    it was a very frightening and difficult time, with lots of trips to hospital appointments etc. I started using affirmations for health telling my mind that I was healthy  24/7 even though the pain was off the scale and it left me very low in energy, bit by bit, it started to work fed my cells with the concept that it was a new chapter, and I overcame the obstacle. I am currently using them again, all day, as having sustained a massive driving trauma it has impacted in a major way in my life, so once again, I am using them to overcome and conquer this challenge. Some might say that having experienced so much how can I keep believing in these? My answer to this is simple, we are never given what we cannot work with, and sometimes these challenges will become blessings so that hopefully we can help others and grow as individuals.

    I think you have some wonderful affirmations for health and I really really love the option that you can listen to the music, along with the affirmation, it is very smoothing and evokes a calmness to the mind and spirit. I love the colors that you have used for the site, one of my therapies is color therapy and these are lovely indeed. less.

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    Joseph S Fusaro

    Author, Speaker, Recovery Group Facilitator & Instructor

    Affirmations are one of my favorite tools for mental health recovery. I lived most of my life trying to escape ADHD, anxiety, depression, and bipolar 1. I was hospitalized several times throughout my 20's. more...

    I found that the medications and doctors visits were fine for keeping my symptoms at bay, but they were not fixing the problem. I was not getting worse, however, I wasn't healing either. In 2013, I finally found a doctor that introduced me to meditation and he reaffirmed that I was worthy and deserving of happiness. I was worthy of love. I was worthy of peace. This is when my healing really began.

    At the beginning of my mental health recovery, I would listen to others affirmations. Over the last 4 years I was able to replace most of my negative rumination with positive and uplifting thoughts. Over time these new thoughts gave me inspiration and motivation to live a more productive, peaceful, and happier life. I really began to notice a change in my mental health when I started using Think Up App. Unlike most other affirmation tracks, ThinkUp App takes it to the next level by allowing us to use our own voice. There is nothing more powerful than our own belief in our self. Our mind works like our body, the more we practice something, the better we become at it. I recommend starting to practice positivity and see where it leads you.Good luck! Joseph S Fusaro less.



    Mindful Pixie

    Overcome challenges via affirmations.I regularly incorporate affirmations into my card readings because, quite simply, they solve a lot of the problems. And they cultivate a healthy mental climate where new issues are less likely to pop up.
    more...Affirmations are not exactly magic words, but the more you commit to saying them, the closer you become to believing them, and we can all get on board with the idea that our mindset definitely influences our perception right?
    I recently stumbled upon the ThinkUp app, which allows you to record affirmations, of which they have tons to choose from, and play them back to yourself (with background music!!) whenever the opportunity presents. I went crazy for this pretty immediately because it was fun to record the affirmations with different inflections to see which worked best, and/or made me sound like a version of myself that’s so calm and breezy you know there’s not a negative thought within a mile of her, and most exciting of all- I finally had an easy means for keeping my mind focused on affirmations as I fell asleep, and even after.This tool helped me overcome challenges and become happier.


    Jonathan Henrich

    Author of The Secret Recipe for a Happy Life: A Practical Guide for Conquering Fear and Anxiety.

    The ThinkUp app helped me overcome my depression and anxiety. It has helped me to reinforce a positive self-talk in my daily life and has had a profound effect on my overall quality of life."
    The whole idea is to custom tailor your affirmations to your internal dialogue within the obstacles that keep you from improving and the best way to do that is with affirmations. Your whole life you have developed this self-talk and it is just programmed in there, now you must reprogram it.Listen to your body and your internal dialogue when relating to those new behaviors. Is your mind telling you that you’re amazing and you can do it? Or do you have thoughts about how awful you are and how out of shape you are? Pull those out and write them down, then develop affirmations to replace those thoughts. Use the negative internal dialogue to formulate new thoughts and beliefs within. If you make negative statements and think negative things, create affirmations to combat those negative thoughts and speech. If you catch yourself talking badly about yourself or others, say 5 positive affirmations, not as punishment, but to create more peace and joy in the world.For more information Jonathan Henrich

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    Hope Cross

    M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Artist and Creator, Hope for Steve

    Hope Cross is 32, with Masters in Clinical Psychology. She quit working as a therapist in late 2012 when her husband Steve's ALS progressed to the point of needing more care.

    "It was scary but the best decision I've ever made. Trusting life to support us gave us the freedom to travel while he still could, and we then began to create our own individual projects to create income." Steve and Hope Cross began dating May of 2011, and Steeve was diagnosed in August of 2011, he proposed two days after diagnosis, and we got married October 2011. Currently, he is completely paralyzed, with a tracheotomy, on a vent, feeding tube, PICC line, folly catheter, the works. He requires full care. It's the most stressful and rewarding job, I'll ever have, as it requires a lot of me day and night; but being able to care for him, and pour love on him fuels me.  I'm also an artist/creator (  Prior to Steve getting a bed sore he was an artist also and would paint with his wheelchair ( We made a documentary of the early parts of our journey and it was released in 2014 ( (if you search hopeforsteve on itunes or amazon you will find it).As far as affirmations, I just found your amazing app, and so far I'm using it for several reasons.  One to help with some of the brain fog that comes with caregiver overload, reminding me that focus is possible, and I am capable. ThinkUp helps me overcome part of my fears and I truly believe your app can help EVERYONE."


    Anthony Trucks

    Anthony Trucks, C.E.O. Trust Your Hustle, Former-NFL

    "Thinkup is a genius app. It combines a concept that we already know is effective and makes it not only real but personal at the same time. We all know that we are our biggest enemy. Thinkup gets that enemy to be your ally." Antony Trucks


    Uriel Reyes

    Happy User

    "I was part of TrepCamp's program at Stanford university and had the pleasure to be in your talk some weeks ago. I enjoyed very much. I started using your ThinkUp App since that day and, this weekend, I decided to buy the premium account. That five-affirmations limit wasn't enough for me! more...

    I'd believed that the most valuable thing people have is their minds. This App makes a lot of easier to follow the advise of positive mindset, visualization and meditation of people like Jack Canfield, Dale Carnegie, Deepak Chopra and other authors I like to read.
    I've to say that in less than one week I feel more relaxed, positive and motivated in all my activities by using ThinkUp.Thank you very much for creating this wonderful tool!" Uriel Reyes

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    Daniel Budzinski

    Author, Speaker and Founder of Purpose Prep,

    Daniel Budzinski "Several years ago I choose to take ownership of my purpose and life. I began making massive declarations and verbal affirmations about my future. I began committing myself to big promises I believe about my future. Since then almost everyone of the positive and daunting affirmations has come true. more...

    What I have come to realize is that when we speak, we think, when we think, we believe and we live from that conviction. We cannot change our lives unless we change the narrative about what we believe to be true about our future and that is exactly what does. Download the app, listen to your voice declare massive promises and re-create your world with your words. You're a world changer when you become a word framer. Frame your world with your words with Thinkup and I promise your purpose is that much closer. "



    Happy User

    "About 3 years ago, I lost my husband and my children lost their daddy to cancer.
    I never expected to be a widow at age 38, but the universe had other plans.
    Being a single mum, and running my own business, while still trying to manage all the trauma and grief that followed my husband’s death, manifested in my body, and resulted in me to have a stroke. more...

    I felt lost, and my children sensed that. They had lost their father and to a degree their mother too ill health, all in the space of a year.
    I fought hard in my rehab after the stroke and regained the ability to walk, balance, talk, swallow and see properly again. But I was left with chronic neuropathic pain down the left side of my body.
    I tried to fix the inside with the out, but soon realized, I was going the wrong way about my recovery.
    So I started to change my approach to the pain, and this is where the ThinkUp has been a tremendous help.
    I use it twice a day and focus primarily on healing the body through the recorded meditations.
    I have found it to be so helpful, in addition to other lifestyle changes.
    My thought processes are now more positive, and I gradually feel myself healing and returning to a newer more improved version of my old self.


    Elle Ingalls

    High Performance Coach for Pressure-Free Living

    I came across ThinkUp over a year ago, and immediately recorded my free affirmations and started listening to my own voice encouraging me. There is something powerful about hearing our own voices declare what we want in our lives. Like many people, I fell away from listening, until just recently, my own business coach encouraged all of her clients to download the app! I already had it and started listening again. Now I am going to invest in the paid subscription because I know that when I make an investment in me, not only do I do the work, but it up-levels me. I also am recommending ThinkUp to all of my Pressure-Free clients and followers. Thank you for a brilliant platform to help people on their journeys.