3 Aug 2018

9 Tips For Positive Parenting

Children copy you, they observe your attitudes and behavior keenly, so make sure you talk positive and do positive, especially when they are around. Small kids, in particular, tend to imitate your every behavior and it is your duty as a parent to instill good thoughts and build good character in them. Go for positive parenting!

Your child looks up to you for support. You should motivate him when you identify his uniqueness, his strengths. Do not try to push your child into what every other child does, let your child live his life and enjoy every bit of it.

Your child is your life, your world. Make him understand that.

Here are tips to empower your child:

  • Lead by example

You are the best example for your child. One of the best ways of positive parenting is to engage yourself with positive thoughts and people. Your child observes this and will follow suit as years roll by. You need to teach your child by example that staying away from negative activities and people would help in realizing his potential to the maximum.

  • Tell your child that his uniqueness is his strength

Everyone is unique. You need to make your child understand and believe, from a very young age, that his uniqueness is his strength and he needs to focus on it to be successful. encourage him to look for his uniqueness.

Find your own uniqueness and lead him by example.

  • Tell your child that it is okay to be different

Everyone is different. Do not compare your child with other kids. Ask him not to imitate others, encourage him to shine with his abilities. Positive parenting involves letting your child live his life the way he wants to and in a way that right for him.

  • Teach your child to love himself

As a parent, it is your responsibility to make your child look at life in a positive stride. Your child needs to enjoy every moment of his life, so ask him to find his passion and follow it. Your child can be happy only if he is allowed to do what he wants to. If he loves art, let him become an artist or if music is what interests him, encourage him to take up music as his main course.

  • Tell your child that you are grateful to have him

It is of utmost importance that you make your child understand that he matters the most to you in this world. You may scream or get annoyed with him at times, but make it clear to your child that you are very happy that he is part of your life and you love him unconditionally.

  • Ask your child to collaborate, not compete

It is NOT necessary to compete in life, to succeed. You are burdening your child if you ask him to compete at every stage in his life. Ask your child to collaborate instead. Give him the freedom, encourage him to utilize his uniqueness to shine. For positive parenting, you need to look at your child as a unique human being capable of succeeding in life through collaboration.

  • Give your child his space

Do not try to be perfect in everything, remember he is your child, not a machine. If your kid is stressed out for the day, let him relax. Trust him that he will learn the right way for him. Allow him to listen to some music or engage in activities that interest him. Let him play or spend some time with his friends or in the nurture. Do not stick to the daily routine all the time, be flexible.

  • Understand and respect your child

You need to be a good parent first, only then you can expect your child to be good and honest to you. Talk to your child with interest and patience, understand his needs and interests. Look at the world from his eyes. Try not to force him into anything. Respect his desires and you will enjoy the benefits of positive parenting and happy child. I don’t say to neglect or to let him do what he wants all the time. I just say try to look at him from his eyes!

  • Trust your child

Trust is an important aspect of positive parenting. Make it clear to your child that you trust him. Trust builds a sense of loyalty and can go a long way in building your child’s character. You trust him and he will be honest; if you do not, your child will more likely grow up to be insecure.

Positive parenting can empower your child to take on life’s challenges with ease!


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