2 Oct 2018

Positive Restyling for a better feeling

Living in a welcoming environment has many benefits to your physical and mental health. Your home should be your sanctuary, your place of peace and relaxation. As such, your home and what is in it influence your state of being much more than you may realize.

Redecorating your home and transforming it into a place that you love and that resonates well with you is an essential component for a fulfilling life filled with joy and happiness.

In addition, there should be a designated area in your home for relaxation and quiet. By living in a home you love, you continuously evoke positive emotions that increase your mental and physical wellbeing.

Here are several tips for positive restyling your home into a space you will love, and how to create the designated relaxation area.

Use of colors that make you happy help to create a more pleasant atmosphere.

Living in a home decorated with darker colors or colors that you do not love can negatively
influence your thoughts and emotions.

Therefore, by choosing colors that you love, you can make your home a more inviting and comfortable space for yourself. Choosing a calming color palette for your interior spaces will help you de-stress and relax.

Decorate your walls with pictures or paintings that evoke positive emotions.

Pictures or paintings that depict sad/depressing images, darker colors, and/or are associated with bad memories evoke negative emotions and in the long run, decrease your level of happiness.

Therefore, if you have such a picture or painting displayed, replace it. It is not worth
keeping if it costs you your happiness. Instead, hang pictures or paintings that make you feel good or are associated with positive memories to decorate your home.

Have candles and aromatic oils in your home.

Use of candles and aromatic oils can create a relaxing and romantic environment.By using them throughout the home and making a habit of having candles lit during evening or
weekends, for example, you can easily turn your home into a place of relaxation and quiet.
Playing relaxing music in your home adds to the peaceful environment.

Music has the ability to calm and relax you.

Whenever you have had a long day at work, or come home stressed, playing relaxing music can add to the peaceful, relaxing environment of your home and calm you down from whatever happened that day. Even if you do not come home in a stressful state, playing relaxing music helps maintain a pleasant atmosphere.

Having a designated area for relaxation.

Having a designated area for relaxation helps create an environment that serves as a mini sanctuary and that the brain associates as a positive one. It can bring you greater calmness. Even if it is a small area in your living room, as long as it is designated for this purpose it will achieve the goal of creating a unique space just for relaxation. To make the space even more peaceful, add in functional living room furniture items, like storage ottomans, to help keep your cozy throws, pillows, and other relaxing necessities organized.


To sum it up, as CEO of ThinkUp, an app that helps people change their thoughts to positive ones and achieve their goals, I know that people’s surroundings greatly impact how they think and behave. Therefore, choosing colors that make you happy, having uplifting paintings on the wall, lighting candles, and playing relaxing music all contribute to creating a more welcoming and pleasant home that you can relax in.


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