10 Mar 2020

A Unique Way to Overcome Stress By Toucheys team

Many people strive towards self-improvement and self-actualization and I am not an exception. I spent countless hours searching for the answers:  How to deal with Stress and Anxiety? How to overcome stress? How to think positively? How to feel more relaxed and confident? How to create a space between the event and my reaction? How to have more energy? How to overcome stress? How to become a better person? 

Looking for the best recommendations,  I have read and tried through the enormous amount of information ranging from the short affirmations or mantras to entire books written by famous authors.  I have written summaries, notes, paper cards and summarized the information in a very logical and accessible way. And failed.

Believe Believe believe

One question always remained unanswered – how to implement all these good advices in practice? My implementation track record was terrible – my thoughts seemed too scattered to remember key advices for a long time, the ability to focus seemed insufficient to exercise what I had learned. To believe in my affirmations. To overcome stress when I needed to be calm in real-life situations. Could I become someone who can actually make it all work for me? Could I possibly make a transition from being just a reader to putting concepts and affirmations into practice?    As it turned out, there are some tips on the implementation part. 

Looking for a real thing to overcome stress

Eckart Tolle, the author of the bestsellers “The Power of Now” recommends directing attention to your body, or paying attention to your breathing to physically prepare for the “mindfulness practice” and to overcome stress. Of course, I tried with no luck…  It just seemed like I needed something more real, something more tangible to get into the right state of mind.  

My solution to overcome stress

All that has changed after I tried clearing my mind with a simple touch of natural materials.  Just shifting my attention to even a small rock in my hand really helped to bring all my thoughts into focus.  I could almost feel like all the wisdom I have learned is like that rock in the palm of my hand and that my palm somehow protects these thoughts from any outside distractions.
 It was truly amazing, I have learned to feel my thoughts, my affirmations, I have mastered the way to enter into a very calm and focused state via this “mind-body-mind”  connection system (simply called “touch”), I have become so much better at overcoming stress. 
In retrospect, it all made sense to me…  Meditation, originated as early as 1500 BC, has a history of using objects made of natural materials, such as beads or Baoding spheres. Science says that overcoming stress and anxiety can be done by fully engaging with one of our five senses. And, it turns out, our sense of Touch is particularly good as a guide and assistant in achieving mindfulness.

It was truly amazing, I have learned to feel my thoughts, my affirmations, I have mastered the way to enter into a very calm and focused state…

In a world that is moving so fast, where feelings and emotions are so suppressed, our mind may not be able to cope on its own.  It may need a sensory/tactile assistant, a grounding mechanism, a catalyst for mind-body circuitry that is socially acceptable to carry around. 

Ever since we moved to big cities and separated ourselves from nature, we have essentially lost access to trees, ground, rocks and other natural textures and materials. Is it time to bring it back in the shape of “portable nature” objects? 

Tactile meditation to overcome stress

With Touch, you can not just think possible, but feel possible as well! With our other senses coming to the rescue of a racing mind, making our thoughts tangible and real.
If you are like me and your day is filled with distractions, it takes effort and right assistance to overcome stress, to pick up a mindfulness routine and make it successful and efficient. Tactile meditation can be that additional tool to help and it turns out, the road to mindfulness can be paved with the natural materials and textures!

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