6 Feb 2019

Learning to Love Yourself as a Rebellion By Ebony Tutora

In a world that teaches us to compete, compare, while molding us into people who are often living up to who we “think” we should be… it is also creating the danger of not knowing WHO we are, WHY we are special and creating a life where we are living out our passions.

It’s a rebellion to stand in front of the world boldly, and almost rebelliously, and to love yourself.

For many of us… the thought of even trying to figure out who we are can be outright daunting. That I get.

However, one of the greatest self-reflective questions we can answer would be, “What is it costing me?” What does it cost you to live below the capacity of your potential? What does it cost you to not fully love yourself, and all that you are in this very moment? What does it cost you to do what you think you should be doing, rather than what you would love to do? What is it costing you to live behind a mask of who you REALLY are?

The beginning journey to figuring out WHO we are begins with one small step. It’s like being a child, and becoming curious again- when we are curious we search with wonder and excitement. It’s the small step of self-discovery giving us the ability to look for ourselves through the lens of childlike amazement.

It takes courage, power,  energy, and the ability to empower oneself through massive radical action and accountability to truly take a step in the direction of the unknown. To get a little bit uncomfortable, and out of one’s own self-imposed limitations and to trust the process.

Historically the unknown often posed a threat of danger, and uncharted territories… but truthfully, how then can discoveries be made. Especially the powerful self-discovery tools of wisdom, inner-power, and truth?

“The mind will believe whatever you tell it, tell it beautiful things.”

One of the most radical self-discoveries being to “Love yourself.

The truth about this journey called life is that we will have hills and valleys. We will have challenges, losses, wins, and triumphs. However, how do we know how powerful we are unless we push our limits?

One of the greatest truths that can never be disputed is that we are born with the most powerful tools to get us through ANYTHING; our hearts, minds, and grandeur spirits. But, many of us are not checking our inner-game at the door. We are not analyzing the thoughts we have that hold us back. We don’t recognize that as simple as it is to say “love yourself,” may be… many of us are self-defeating ourselves in our minds before we even take a chance.

We are not realizing the coping habits we have created to keep us in warm little bubbles that truly inhibit our ability to grow exponentially. If only we could be braver to love ourselves enough to see this truth. If only we could value simplistic habits that could overtime swap our negative self-imposed limitations for the feelings of being unlimited.  Choosing to love yourself as an acknowledgment of who you really are, and the uniqueness YOU have to offer this world.

Here’s how to begin.

Love yourself- accept that you are amazing, unique, and bigger than you’ve been willing to acknowledge. That you were placed on this earth, at this time, for a unique purpose.

Understand that ANYTHING can be reversed, and learning is life-long and does not stop after schooling. The brain is here to serve us, and through repetition can be trained to believe whatever we wish to tell it. So like psychologist Marisa Peer always says “The mind will believe whatever you tell it, tell it beautiful things.”

Even though in the beginning affirmations like “life is easy,” or “money flows easily and abundantly to me,” can feel like a downright lie… ask yourself what lies you have fed yourself up until now?

I’ll give you a few… You probably have told yourself that you are not good enough. You probably have compared yourself to others, inadvertently shrinking yourself because you are not on “their level.” You probably have settled for a job that pays the bills, but does not overjoy your heart. You probably believe that the good life is only for the rich and famous…. You get the drift.

Now is the time to recognize your power, and to stand up for the right to be happy. Stand up for the greatness that lays dormant like a sleeping giant… oh and love yourself like it’s a rebellion.

They always said the revolution would not be televised.. That is because the true power in loving yourself, and finding yourself- is a pursuit that begins within.

What truths will you tell yourself today?

Love & Light,

Ebony M. Tutora


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