1 Apr 2019

How To Overcome Public Speaking With Affirmations And Positive Mindset

Did you know that the fear of public speaking ranks higher than the fear of death in the United States? If you want to overcome public speaking all your life, you are not alone. But as a matter of fact, public speaking is a skill that can play a huge role in taking you to the next level of your professional and personal lives.

What Instigates the Fear of Public Speaking?

There are many reasons that instigate the fear of public speaking, but one reason that is the most common is the fear of being criticized by others. You tend to avoid public speaking at the workplace or any other occasions, as you feel that you are not good enough to say something that will capture the attention of the people around. When you feel you are not smart enough to handle a public speaking opportunity, you start to develop a fear for it gradually.

Can You Overcome Public Speaking?

If you too are daunted by public speaking, it is high time that you face your fears and find out how much of your fear is real and how much of it is just a fragment of your imagination. As you face your fears, you will realize that your fears are just an anticipation that you will suffer. But, in reality, overcoming your fear is something that will swipe up any chances of being hurt by the very reason that earlier used to intimidate you.

How to Overcome Public Speaking?

One of the first steps that you can take to overcome public speaking is to try changing your thoughts and shutting up all the fear that makes you anxious about public speaking. Changing your fearful thoughts and channelizing them into the right direction is something that can be a stepping stone for you to overcome public speaking. The reason behind this is very simple. Your body reacts in accordance to the thoughts and feelings that dominate your mind. So, once you have managed to silence all the thoughts that instigate the fear of public speaking in your mind, your body will automatically react differently when you are put in the same situation for the next time.

When your mind is only filled with positive thoughts that support your body’s reactions to challenging situations, there is no way that you cannot overcome your fears. This is quite true in the case of public speaking. For, it is only through a positive mindset that you can confidently face any challenge that comes your way. Hence, there is no doubt about the fact that the ultimate way to overcome public speaking is to align your thoughts with your goals, and let your confident self rule over your public speaking fears.

Tips to Overcome Public Speaking:

  • Self-Talk Practice – Self-talk practice and positive affirmations via ThinkUp can help change your self-image and mindset into a positive one to overcome public speaking. The best part about self-talk practice is that it is a highly personalized way of changing your mindset, as it you listening to your voice about positive affirmations that you believe can set you free from all your public speaking fears.
  • Realize Your Worth – Another significant way in which you can overcome public speaking is by realizing your worth and understanding what makes you unique. You need to know what makes you different, because this is what sets you apart from others, making the very reason why people would want to hear you out. So, pull out all your fears and believe that you have something special to offer for the world, each time you are on a public speaking platform sharing your views and ideas.
  • Change Your Perception – To overcome public speaking, you must change your perception about how competent you are to give words to your ideas in a group of people. You need to clear all the apprehensions and prepare your mind for the fact that your knowledge and experience is something that people would look forward to hear and take inspiration from.
  • Prepare & Record a Speech – Preparing a speech with positive affirmations and recording it for yourself would help you give a third person view about yourself and help overcome your fear of public speaking. With ThinkUp, you can record a speech in your own voice and combine it with your favorite music so that the speech has a more powerful impact on changing your mindset into a positive one.
  • Take Opinion From Friends & Family – Once you have recorded your speech with affirmations to overcome public speaking, you can also share it with your close friends and family to know if there is something that you can add to make it more effective. If you are willing to make a serious change in your mindset to overcome public speaking, choosing the right affirmations is something that you cannot compromise on. Once, you are sure that you have created the perfect and effective recording for yourself you can start listening every day to gradually overcome your fear o public speaking.
  • Practice to Stay Calm – Last but not least, another trick that can help overcome your fear of public speaking is practicing to stay calm before putting your act together. The best way to stay calm and relaxed is to take a deep breath and remember everything you have been recording for yourself in the form of positive affirmations. Once, you are able to replace all your negative thoughts and anxiety, you will successfully achieve a state of calmness, and nothing in the world would be able to stop you from achieving your goals.

Here are 10 affirmations that will help you to overcome public speaking fear:

  1. I have so much to offer the world. I share my knowledge and experience
  2. My fear of public speaking isn’t real. I can overcome it.
  3. Even though I feel a huge amount of stress, I can overcome it.
  4. I am calm and relaxed and remember the reason I wanted to share my knowledge.
  5. Every day it is easier and easier to relax and to be calm near other people.
  6. Overcome this fear makes me a better version of myself.
  7. Today, I am fearless.
  8. My words can have a positive effect on other people.
  9. Today, I’m making a difference by being brave.
  10. Words and thoughts come effortlessly to me.

Whether it is professional life or personal life, there will always be times when you will have to speak publicly to express your views or address your concerns. So, when this is something that is inevitable, why not face it fully prepared with the best strategies in hand and emerge as a winner?

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