25 May 2018

14 Love Affirmations That Shift Your Relationship

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Here are some of the ThinkUp app most popular love affirmations :

1. I understand that every relationship starts within me. I have a wonderful loving relationship with myself.
2. I deserve to be loved.
3. I am thankful and grateful for the love in my life.
4. I am ready for healthy and loving relationship.
5. I attract positive people into my life.
6. I am surrounded by loving, supporting, and positive people.
7. I deserve the best in life.
8. I am worthy of love.
9. Love surrounds me in every way.
10. People like me for who I am. I am special and see the specialty of others.
11. I open myself to a good, healthy, and loving relationship in my life.
12. I deserve happy life full of love.
13. I visualize a new relationship with my partner and it makes me feel loved.
14. I respect myself and my partner respects me.

Whether you would like to practice love affirmation on daily basis in an easy and effective way please try ThinkUp app.


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