23 May 2018

31 Affirmations for kids

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Affirmations for kids aim to increase self-confidence, self-love, and motivation.

ThinkUp app most recommended affirmations for kids:

1. I love myself even though I sometimes fail.
2. I always find ways to overcome challenges
3. I focus my mind on the positive things in my day.
4. I believe in myself and my abilities.
5. Whatever I do, I give my best.
6. I have many gifts and talents and I focus on them.
7. I learn from my challenges and can always find ways to overcome them.
8. I am healthy and growing up well.
9. I have persistence in what I believe in.I do my best to achieve it and let go.
10. I am open to new and exciting possibilities.
11. My family, friends and teachers love me for who I am.
12. I am unique and special.
13. I accept myself even though I sometimes make mistakes.
14. Every day and in every way, I am getting better and better.
15. I am calm, relaxed and peaceful.
16. I enjoy feeling and thinking positive.
17. I trust myself in making great decisions.
18. I do my best in my class and with my tasks.
19. I trust in my ability to solve problems.
20. I listen to my heart.
21. I focus my effort on the friends who love me.
22. I enjoy being happy.
23. I play well with others and enjoy with myself.
24. Every day brings new opportunities for me.
25. I find creative solutions to my problems.
26. I am gentle with myself and others.
27. Everyday I enjoy discovering something new.
28. I am a good friend to myself and to others.
29. I enjoy learning.
30. I am thankful for being who I am.
31. I see the good in myself.

Whether you want to fill your kids’ life with happiness and joy, download the ThinkUp app, select the affirmations that your kids like. Be sure to browse our wide selection of affirmations to help you achieve positive results in any area of your life. Once you’ve added the ones that resonate with your kids, the next step is to record them. Using his/her own voice to record their affirmations for kids is key. Their subconscious mind recognizes it and is receptive to it. It is very important that your kids to record their affirmations when they are in a feeling good place. Pick a quiet time to instruct them to think of something that makes them happy and record all of their statements in the same confident tone. Their brain recalls the moment of the recording and will recreate that feeling anytime they listen. It is vital for this process to work, that they believe everything they hear themselves saying. If the words cause tension in their body and don’t feel accessible, please ask them to revisit their affirmations selection and choose those they can say with integrity.

Once they have recorded their affirmations for kids, add background music. Background music amplifies the benefits of the session so choose music that moves them. As you listen to our own voice you are learning to empower yourself, believe in yourself and trust in your own abilities.

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