8 Jan 2018

The Benefits of ThinkUp Affirmation Cards

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The irresistible urge to break established rules is something that comes naturally to us. Because of this, we always need reminders to keep us on the right track. A convenient way to make sure we’ll stay on top of these is by using ThinkUp affirmation cards.

ThinkUp Affirmation Cards

Subtle yet impactful, ThinkUp is what you need to remember what is important and what is right.

To remind you to want what you want badly enough, and to tell you that even when life has beaten you down and you are ready to give up, you always have to take one more step, because victory is right around the corner.

ThinkUp can impact your life psychologically and physically in the best way possible like in the examples listed below.

It Can Help You Integrate Healthy Habits Into Your Lifestyle

We all know that we have to eat healthily, yet we don’t. We all know that we have to drink around two liters of water a day, yet we don’t.

ThinkUp affirmation cards will help integrate such healthy habits into your daily routine. By constantly viewing and listening to powerful affirmations, you can manipulate your subconscious into involuntarily following a wholesome schedule.

Once you’ve become habituated to a particular action, you can replace those reminders with others for different habits.

ThinkUp reminders will help you to grow into a better person.

It Can Raise Your Motivation and Develop a Positive Mindset

Life is full of lows and highs. Even in a single day, there might be times when you are euphoric and times when you are miserable. ThinkUp reminders can give you that everyday push you need to chase your dreams and reach for the stars.

Whenever you feel down, ThinkUp will always be there to remind you that it is not as bleak as you think it is. That it’s going to get better and that you can do it.

ThinkUp can train your brain and transform your life!

How to Use the ThinkUp Affirmation Cards Correctly?

As been told, ThinkUp affirmation cards are meant to remind you what is important on a daily basis.

Your subconscious mind will see this information again and again which makes it easier for you to accept them as part of your new belief system.

By putting ThinkUp’s self-affirmations and reminders on your office desk, on your refrigerator, in your bedroom or on your kitchen counter, you instruct your brain to pay attention to things that your conscious mind decides are important to you.

Soon, you will take a look at the ThinkUp affirmation cards even without meaning to.

Make it a Habit

After exposing yourself to an idea (like reminding yourself to breathe or believing in yourself ) and react to it, start to make it a habit.

For example, put a reminder that reminds you to drink water on your working table and make a habit to look at the ThinkUp affirmation cards and drink a sip of fresh water each time you see it.

If you would like to release a little bit of tension and you choose to use a breathing reminder, take a look at the reminder on your table, take a big breath, and relax your body.

After you feel that you have adopted the habit of breathing spontaneously and it has become a part of your daily habits, you can remove that reminder and let your body breathe naturally on its own.

Downloading the ThinkUp App

Now that you know how ThinkUp affirmation cards can help you steer clear from bad habits and maintain good ones, it’s time to try it for yourself. Download the app today and start creating lists of daily reminders.

Just make sure you don’t forget to let us know how it went for you.


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