29 May 2018

27 Best Affirmations for happiness & Joy

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Feeling happy is generally important for all of us. In fact, most of us are driven by the search for happiness in everything we do. We think we will finally be happy when we achieve our goals. It’s actually easier and more effective to simply focus on creating happy feelings now, rather than waiting for something to happen to stimulate our ability to feel happy. When we choose happy thoughts and set intentions to live joyfully we are setting ourselves up for success and contentment in all areas of lives. Our sense of happiness will reflect back to us a life filled with many opportunities to feel more happiness and the more we focus, the more it expands.

Happiness as a fundamental way of being is truly the source of all the good in our lives.

Here are 27 affirmations for happiness ThinkUp app recommends the most :

  1. I have the power to shape my ideal reality
  2. I create the life I desire with my good feelings
  3. Everything is always working out well for me
  4. When I feel happy I manifest more reasons to be happy
  5. I am willing to be happy now
  6. I accept that happiness is my true nature
  7. I am worthy of feeling happy
  8. My happiness comes from within me
  9. I create my happiness by accepting every part of myself with unconditional love
  10. Joy is the essence of my being
  11. I see so many positives in my life
  12. I am constantly creating everything my heart desires
  13. I experience joy in everything I do
  14. I feel happy with myself as a person
  15. I give myself permission to enjoy myself
  16. I allow myself to feel good
  17. The life I’ve always dreamed of is created by my choice to be joyful now
  18. Following my joy reveals the path to my best life
  19. My choice to be happy keeps me in perfect health
  20. The happiness I feel is felt by everyone around me
  21. I create the possibility of happiness for others by being happy
  22. I am meant to live a happy life
  23. My inner joy expands when I share it with others
  24. All the good in my life comes to me as result of my willingness to find happiness in each moment
  25. My happiness is reflected back to me in everything I attract.
  26. My inner joy is the source of all the good in my life
  27. I experience joy in everything I do

Whether you want to fill your life with happiness and joy, download the ThinkUp app, select the affirmations that you like or type your own.  Be sure to browse our wide our selection of affirmations to help you achieve positive results in any area of your life. Once you’ve added the ones that resonate with you, the next step is to record them. Using your own voice to record your affirmations is key. Your subconscious mind recognizes it and is receptive to it.  It is very important that you record your affirmations when you are in a feeling good place. Pick a quiet time to think of something that makes you happy and record all of your statements in the same confident tone. Your brain recalls the moment of the recording and will recreate that feeling for you anytime you listen.  It is vital for this process to work, that you believe everything you hear yourself saying. If the words cause tension in your body and don’t feel accessible, please revisit your affirmations selection and choose those you can say with integrity.

Once you’ve recorded your affirmations, add your background music. Background music amplifies the benefits of the session so choose music that moves you. As you listen to our own voice you are learning to empower yourself, belief in yourself and trust in your own abilities.


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