29 May 2019

How To Increase Student Motivation Via Positive Mindset

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As a student, you have to deal with multiple things at the same time, including keeping up with the preparation for exams, extra-curricular activities, competitions, and many such other performance pressures. And when the results are not as good as you had expected them to be, it is quite natural for you to get de-motivated. This is where the power of positive affirmations steps in dealing with student motivation.

Positive affirmations can play a huge role in student motivation, by inspiring the student to follow the path of learning without being distracted by negative thoughts. To lead a healthy student life, it is extremely important for you to remove all kinds of negative thoughts from your mind and stay motivated to achieve your goals. This can be made possible by self-talk and replacing all your negative thoughts and mindset with a positive attitude through positive affirmations.

There is no doubt about the fact that one of the most effective ways to overcome your fears, insecurities, and any other kind of peer pressures in student life is through positive affirmations. For, when you repeat positive affirmations, it not just eliminates your fears, but also helps boost your confidence to perform in a much better and positive state of mind. And, when you are relieved of any kind of performance pressure or insecurities, you are ought to get improved results in your student life. Other than that, positive affirmations can also help in student motivation by sharpening your focus and keeping your mind calm under extreme, tough and stressful circumstances.

If you are a student, who is looking forward to develop a positive attitude through positive affirmations and self-talk, then there is no need for you to look any further than ThinkUp!

The ThinkUp app is an affirmations app that can help you change your negative self-talk to positive, consequently getting better results in your student life. This app offers you a simple, easy, personalized and one of the most effective ways to use positive affirmations in your own voice and achieve a level of motivation that you had always wanted to integrate in your life. Check out the ThinkUp app today to change your negative mindset and attitude into a positive one, and start focusing on things that matter the most to achieve your goals in studies, sports or any other competitive activities.  

Here are 6 affirmations that will  help you to increase student motivation:

  1. I can learn anything that I want. Everything is possible for me.
  2. I focus on my studies and let go of all my fears and worries.
  3. My concentration improves every day.
  4. I am doing my best to be positive, prosperous minded, and filled with self-confidence
  5. I have something special to offer the world. I just need to find it and remind my self.
  6. Learning new things challenging me and I love to be challenged since it makes me grow.

For more affirmations, download the ThinkUp app for free and start to practice student motivation today.

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