29 May 2018

30 Healing Affirmations to Help You Achieve Inner Peace

Many of us carry around old wounds and past hurts. These prevent us from experiencing deep love and peace within ourselves. However, when we become willing to forgive ourselves and those that hurt us, the road to healing begins. These healing affirmations can help you take the first step.

30 Healing Affirmations to Help You Achieve Inner Peace

  1. I give myself permission to heal.
  2. I am willing to forgive myself.
  3. I am ready to forgive anyone I feel has hurt me.
  4. I let go of my perceived pain.
  5. I’m willing to see things differently.
  6. I let go of my need to be right.
  7. I accept the lesson my pain is offering me.
  8. I see my current circumstances as an opportunity to grow.
  9. I allow myself to give and receive love.
  10. I release the past and trust that everything is happening for my greatest good.
  11. I take responsibility for the quality of my relationships.
  12. I am willing to give the love I expect from others.
  13. I am happy to give without expectations.
  14. I am capable of unconditional love
  15. I treat the people in my life with compassion and understanding.
  16. I know these circumstances are a gift to help me grow.
  17. I set myself and others free by choosing to forgive.
  18. Everything I am going through is making me a stronger, wiser, and more compassionate person.
  19. I trust that everything in my life is unfolding perfectly.
  20. I create loving and healthy relationships.
  21. I am willing to be at peace with myself and everyone.
  22. I bless the past and embrace the present moment with an open heart.
  23. I choose to forgive because it feels better to love.
  24. I accept my part in everything that happens in my life.
  25. I am willing to amend my own behavior.
  26. I acknowledge my unresolved feelings with patience and self-reflection.
  27. I respect and validate the feelings of others.  
  28. I allow the perspective of others to deepen my understanding and love for them.
  29. I am kind to myself and others.
  30. I always choose love.

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Keep the Positivity Going: Share Your Own Self-affirmations

Got a handy list of healing affirmations and other powerful affirmations of your own? Help spread the positivity in the community. Share your own self-affirmations down below.

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