30 May 2018

22 Best Self-Esteem Affirmations

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Self-esteem affirmations are fundamental to making positive changes and achieving goals. Building self-esteem is challenging, but it can be practiced and mastered like any other skill.

A simple and powerful way to start building self-esteem is by identifying your strengths and assets and supplementing them with self-esteem affirmations. 

Below are some examples.

  1. I am aware of what I offer to the world.
  2. I am positive-minded and filled with self-esteem.
  3. My life is abundant and full of joy.
  4. I am secure and safe in the world.
  5. I focus on my success and it grows constantly.
  6. I am releasing all my fears and worries. I am living my full potential.
  7. My capability and potential are endless. I deserve to be happy and successful.
  8. I now express my full potential.
  9. I see problems as challenges that make me grow.
  10. I accept myself and know that I am worthy of great things in life.
  11. I am willing to step out of my comfort zone.
  12. I believe in myself. I have the ability to succeed.
  13. I trust myself. I am special exactly as I am.
  14. I have the knowledge and the resources to achieve my dreams.
  15. I work for the good of others.
  16. I make efficient use of my time.
  17.  New ideas come to me regularly.
  18.  I recognize the many good qualities that I have.
  19.  I am a great person.
  20.  I give myself credit every time I do something that makes me happy.
  21.  I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.
  22.  I have something special to offer the world.

How to Get Started with Self-esteem Affirmations

  1. Pick self-esteem affirmations that reflect where you are in your life and where you aspire to be.
  2. Record your self-esteem affirmations.
  3. It’s important that you use your own voice to record your affirmations to make your subconscious mind more receptive to them.
  4. Make sure you are feeling good before you record your self-esteem affirmations.
  5. Pick a quiet time to think of something that makes you happy.
  6. Record all of your statements in the same confident tone. Your brain will recall the moment of the recording and will recreate that feeling for you anytime you listen to them.  
  7. Make sure that that you believe everything you hear yourself saying.
  8. If the words cause tension in your body and make you feel uncomfortable, please revisit your affirmations selection and choose those that you can say with integrity.
  9. Once you’ve recorded your affirmations, add your background music. Background music amplifies the benefits of the session so choose music that moves you.
  10. As you listen to your own voice, you will learn to empower yourself and trust in your own abilities.

Practice With Self-esteem Affirmations

When it comes to self-esteem affirmations, consistency is key.

If you would like to practice self-esteem affirmations on a daily basis, Go to the ThinkUp app and choose as many as you’d like from the list of positive affirmations, positive morning affirmations, and positive affirmations for work.

You can also choose to pass on the positive vibe by sharing some of your own self-esteem affirmations down below.

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