24 Apr 2019

How stop smoking affirmations can help you quit smoking with ease?

Did you know you have the power to stop smoking just with your mindset and the understanding of who you really are? Not many people know that 70% of all smokers want to quit smoking. In that group, 85% of all smokers who have tried quitting smoking, only 6% of all succeed. But why is it about quitting that smokers find so hard? Even though smoking is extremely injurious to health and has serious repercussions, yet smokers are addicted to smoking and aren’t able to quit easily.

Everything can be achieved with your mind as that is where it starts – be it smoking or any other bad habit. The good habits are those that contribute to our wellness and health while bad habits are those that prevent us from achieving our goals.

95% of what we do in our day to day lives is controlled by our subconscious mind. This is the way humans are programmed biologically. When dealing with the seemingly impossible task of quitting smoking, you should definitely have a lot of willpower and patience.

While it is true that smoking gives you a break and a feeling of relaxation from all the stress If you could change the programming in your head and program it to believe that you can control your stress and stay relaxed at all times, it will be easier to get rid of this habit of needing to smoke every time you don’t feel relaxed.

The stop smoking affirmations app help you in changing such a habit by reminding you that you are much stronger than the mere idea that smoking is the easiest and only way to feel relaxed. Stop smoking affirmations will also help you achieve your goals and to be a better version of you than what you are currently.

Lacking Motivation? Try Think.me

If you are looking for motivation to help you in your quest to quitting smoking, then you aren’t alone. Quitting can be really hard as smoking is more than just a bad habit… it’s an addiction.

Even though smoking gives you a feeling of rest and relaxation but you should keep in mind the harm it is doing to your body. If you have made up your mind that you want to quit but you’re lacking motivation, you can head over to Thinkup.me. Here you will be made aware of the ways you can quit smoking and you can read about ways you can easily change your habits by changing your mindset and perception towards certain things.

Here are some stop smoking affirmations to help you quit smoking with ease:

  1. Every time I need a break I just breathe and let go
  2. I love myself more than I love smoking. I say yes to life and no to smoking.
  3. Since I know my self better every day, I know how to stop smoking with ease.
  4. When I am feeling stressed, unhappy or sad, I am taking a quick walk and breathe deeply and calmly.
  5. I feel great as I breathe in the fresh air.
  6. I am free from smoking today and I very happy about it. I breathe more and eat fresh fruit and vegetable.
  7. I care and respect my body and let go off unhealthy addictions.

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