24 May 2018

28 Best Success Affirmations

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ThinkUp app best success affirmations:

1. I am aware of what I offer to the world.
2. I am positive minded and filled with self-esteem.
3. My life is abundant and full of joy.
4. I focus on my success and it grows constantly.
5. My capability and potential are endless.
6. I deserve to be happy and successful.
7. I now express my full potential.
8. I feel tremendous confidence that I can do anything.
9. I see problems as challenges that evolve me and make me grow.
10. I accept myself and know that I am worthy of great things in life.
11. I am willing to step out of my comfort zone.
12. I believe in myself. I have the ability to succeed.
13. I have the knowledge and the resources to achieve my dreams.
14. I work for the good of others.
15. I efficiently make good use of my time.
16. New ideas come to me regularly.
17. I recognize the many good qualities I have.
18. I am a great person.
19. I give myself credit every time I do something that makes me happy.
20. I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.
21. I have something special to offer the world.
22. I feel great about myself and my life.
23. I love who I have become.
24. I choose happiness no matter what the circumstances are.
25. I have the energy I need to accomplish my goals and to fulfill my desires.
26. I think only positive things about people. I accept that everyone does their best.
27. I can trust myself to handle anything.
28. I am confident and brave. I live in the present and look forward to the future.

Whether you want to fill your life with success, download the ThinkUp app, select the affirmations that you like or type your own . Be sure to browse our wide our selection of affirmations to help you achieve positive results in any area of your life. Once you’ve added the ones that resonate for you, the next step is to record them. Using your own voice to record your success affirmations is key. Your subconscious mind recognizes it and is receptive to it. It is very important that you record your success affirmations when you are in a feeling good place. Pick a quiet time to think of something that makes you happy and record all of your statements in the same confident tone. Your brain recalls the moment of the recording and will recreate that feeling for you anytime you listen. It is vital for this process to work, that you believe everything you hear yourself saying. If the words cause tension in your body and don’t feel accessible, please revisit your affirmations selection and choose those you can say with integrity.
Once you’ve recorded your affirmations, add your background music. Background music amplifies the benefits of the session so choose music that moves you. As you listen to our own voice you are learning to empower yourself, believe in yourself and trust in your own abilities.

For more tips how to make affirmations work read our blog and tips.
You are one step closer to becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.
Thanks for using ThinkUp and being positive!

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