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Learning to Love Yourself as a Rebellion By Ebony Tutora

In a world that teaches us to compete, compare, while molding us into people who are often living up to who we “think” we should be… it is also creating the danger of not knowing WHO we are, WHY we … Continue reading

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How to Reduce Stress Without Slowing Down By Elle Ingalls

Have you ever taken a vacation, then arrived home to say, “I need a vacation from my vacation?” Or maybe you’ve taken some time for self-care, only to find yourself back in the proverbial hamster wheel? What if you could … Continue reading

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Affirmations For Trauma By Dr. Robyn Gobin

A trauma is any harmful event or circumstance that overwhelms our typical coping capacity. Traumatic experiences can include but are not limited to, sexual assault, natural disasters, human-caused accidents or disasters, severe illness or injury, a death of a loved … Continue reading

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Self-Care Skills to Help Foster Positive Kids’ Mental Health

Nurturing a healthy mental attitude is an integral part of caring for kids’ mental health no matter if mental illness affects them directly or indirectly. Helping kids develop and maintain a positive mindset is key for establishing their ability to … Continue reading

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Positive Restyling for a better feeling

Living in a welcoming environment has many benefits to your physical and mental health. Your home should be your sanctuary, your place of peace and relaxation. As such, your home and what is in it influence your state of being … Continue reading

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9 Tips For Positive Parenting

Children copy you, they observe your attitudes and behavior keenly, so make sure you talk positive and do positive, especially when they are around. Small kids, in particular, tend to imitate your every behavior and it is your duty as … Continue reading

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5 Motivational Tips to Help You Achieve your Goals By Vickie Rotante

Motivation makes things happen; however, staying motivated isn’t always easy. Some days we have it; some days we don’t. That said, I have five motivational tips to keep you going even when challenges arise. 5 Motivational Tips to Become (and … Continue reading

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Why You Should Use An Affirmation Reminder App

With the constant challenges of everyday life, many people have turned to using powerful affirmations to cheer them up whenever they’re starting to feel a little down. While many people swear by this technique, is an affirmation reminder app really … Continue reading

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10 Self-Hypnosis Affirmations That Relax You By Goulie Scheer

Can self-hypnosis work for you? Imagine this. You come back home after a long day at work or you are at home all day juggling between the kids and the chores you have to do. It’s dark before you noticed … Continue reading

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Tactics to Make This Your Breakout Year and Dream Big By Sheryl Kline

Learning to dream big is no easy task if you want to take what matters most to the next level. Still, there are ways to achieve this. Just consider the following examples. People Who Had the Courage to Dream Big … Continue reading

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