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Why You Should Use An Affirmation Reminder App

With the constant challenges of everyday life, many people have turned to using powerful affirmations to cheer them up whenever they’re starting to feel a little down. While many people swear by this technique, is an affirmation reminder app really … Continue reading

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22 Best Self-Esteem Affirmations

Self-esteem affirmations are fundamental to making positive changes and achieving goals. Building self-esteem is challenging, but it can be practiced and mastered like any other skill. A simple and powerful way to start building self-esteem is by identifying your strengths … Continue reading

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30 Healing Affirmations to Help You Achieve Inner Peace

Many of us carry around old wounds and past hurts. These prevent us from experiencing deep love and peace within ourselves. However, when we become willing to forgive ourselves and those that hurt us, the road to healing begins. These … Continue reading

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27 Best Affirmations for happiness & Joy

Feeling happy is generally important for all of us. In fact, most of us are driven by the search for happiness in everything we do. We think we will finally be happy when we achieve our goals. It’s actually easier … Continue reading

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14 Love Affirmations That Shift Your Relationship

Here are some of the ThinkUp app most popular love affirmations : 1. I understand that every relationship starts within me. I have a wonderful loving relationship with myself.2. I deserve to be loved.3. I am thankful and grateful for … Continue reading

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25 Powerful Weight Loss Affirmations

Self-talk is one of the most effective ways to reprogram our mindset and develop healthier thinking. Remind yourself ,by using weight loss affirmations,that you are the one in control, and focus on building self-esteem. Every day is an incremental step … Continue reading

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28 Best Success Affirmations

ThinkUp app best success affirmations: 1. I am aware of what I offer to the world.2. I am positive minded and filled with self-esteem.3. My life is abundant and full of joy.4. I focus on my success and it grows … Continue reading

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31 Affirmations for kids

Affirmations for kids aim to increase self-confidence, self-love, and motivation. ThinkUp app most recommended affirmations for kids: 1. I love myself even though I sometimes fail.2. I always find ways to overcome challenges3. I focus my mind on the positive things … Continue reading

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